Valentine’s Day with a difference!

So as you all know Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, the thought of this will either bring compete joy or absolute fear to you! You always here about the couples and the love on Valentine’s Day (quite obviously) but I don’t think the singles get enough praise!
Valentines is a day for loving and people constantly get criticised as soon as self love is expressed (unless it’s by a celebrity then everyone is all for it) self confidence quickly gets shattered on social media because of people hating self love but what the hell is wrong with liking who you are? You are the most important person in your life treat yourself that way!

We all have parts of our bodies that we don’t like and for some reason we’ve all been trained to constantly focus on them so we’re never satisfied with the way we are. No matter what size or shape you are we all have body issues, I get a lot of people telling me “you’re skinny you have nothing to worry about” “why are you complaining you’re so skinny?” But just because I’m “skinny” doesn’t mean I’ve got the “perfect body” and who’s to say what the “perfect body” is. I dislike my stomach so much that when I was 16 I used to make a cling film wrap it every night as I heard it made you thinner, I don’t like my legs I have knocked knees so they look really weird and out of shape, I don’t like my skin it’s dry, dull and acne prone and don’t even get me started on my nose but I do not hate myself. Yes there are parts about me that I don’t like and I’ve even considered surgery for many years before but without them I am not me all my quirks all help make me me and I don’t want to change that but there’s so many parts that I do like and I don’t acknowledge them enough like I really like my smile and it took me awhile but I love my hair I also think I’m a kind person and it’s so sad that even writing this I’m constantly rethinking if i sound over cocky and that’s so sad that I can’t physically give myself three complements without thinking that I sound overly cocky!

If you love a feature of yours don’t be afraid to show it off be proud of who you are even if you have a Valentine i want you to be your own Valentine this year and give yourself the love and appreciation it deserves! For one day do something nice for yourself or maybe with a group of friends and just have a day of pamper and self love, pay yourself compliments, put some nice lippy on or a nice outfit and rock it because your confidence will make you shine! Instead of looking at something you don’t like focus on something you love about yourself and accentuate it! While you’re getting ready I want you to tell yourself that you matter, you’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re successful and if like me you suffer with negative thoughts constantly popping in acknowledge them don’t push them away and try to ignore them because they will just cling on to a small corner in your mind and slowly build and build till it’s all you can see, simply acknowledge what they’re saying and respond with a positive outcome try your best to channel happy thoughts and slowly they will start being a regular appearance and the bad thoughts will start to fade I know it is easier said than done and everyone grows at different times but if you can start with the baby steps then you’re already on the road to a happier you.

The sooner you learn to except and love yourself the happier and stronger you will be.

I hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and lovely weekend!



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