January favourites!

So January is finally over, it’s been a rollercoaster of a month and it seems like it’s been going on forever! I always feel drained in January which is the complete opposite to what it’s suppose to be but now that it’s February I feel ready and motivated to take on whatever 2017 has in store for me!💪🏻 saying that let me show you all the things that have saved me this month! January was a makeup filled month for me and apparently not much else so I’m sorry to the none makeup lovers out there this months might not be your cup of tea but I promise there will be more categories in the following months ✨


I will go in order of how I put it on my face, that just makes more sense to me.

  • Max Factor colour corrector – green 

This has been my absolute saviour this month without a doubt! With the cold winter days my skin becomes so temperamental and dry forming unwanted red marks and spots. I never really understood colour correcting until I brought this bad boy and now I can’t live without it I normally pop a bit on my ring finger to warm it up as it is a little chalky when applied straight from the bullet then i blend it lightly with a beauty blender and pop my concealer on like normal and believe it or not but it does make your skin look so natural and healthy and you can’t spot the green at all after concealer is applied so don’t be scared of it!

  • MAC Waterweight foundation 

I never hear anyone talking about this and I think it is so underrated!  My normal MAC foundation is the Pro Longwear but I wanted something a little more natural and dewy for auditions that I had in January and I do love this a lot! It’s very watery as the name would suggest so keep that in mind and if you have oily skin you might want to stay away! But when you use a wet beauty blender or a stippling brush while blending this in it looks so natural and flawless without feeling cakey which is a problem I tend to struggle with a lot!

  • MAC mineralised blush – New Romance 

You will notice a MAC theme this month, I went shopping in Southampton at the start of the month and got a little MAC happy… who can blame me? 😅 I have never been the biggest blush fan as I am extremely pale they just looked far too fake on me and nothing seemed to suit my skin tone until the lovely lady at MAC put this on me and it’s incredible it is rather pigmented so what I like to do is just blend out the edges with my foundation sponge or brush to make it look a little more natural. It’s such a nice rosey pink with a nice natural glow to it and looks lovely on pale skin.

  • New Look cosmetics -Brush On Brows

I know what you’re thinking I know there’s controversy between buying makeup from fashion shops and knowing if they’re any good or not but trust me this stuff is incredible! It’s so affordable which is always a plus and it is exactly like gimmie brow! The only brown fall is that it does only have three shades, I wear the blonde and it’s perfect for me but that being said my eyebrows aren’t really that blonde they’re more brown so be careful when picking your colours, but at the moment this is the only thing I put in my brows I love the way it looks and it does keep the brows at bay!

  • Maybelline –  The Nudes 

As you can tell this is very well loved and I have been using this on and off over a couple of months now but recently it’s all I’ve been teaching for! It’s a compete dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 which I also have and I wear this palette so much more! Colours (especially the darker ones) are quite chalky but they’re still blendable and if you keep slowly adding the colour it’s so beautiful. I’m currently loving the gold shade (bottom row third shade from the left) all over my lid with the dark brown (bottom row second shade to the left) in my outer v and buffed into the crease.

  • MAC eyeshadow – Sweet Heat

This is another product I’ve had for a while but recently as it’s so cold I’ve been loving a gold/copper toned eye look! I love to wear this on top of the gold in the previous palette it goes on so smoothly and is so easy to blend I absolutely love this shade and it’ll probably be a favourite for many months to come!

  • NYX Lingerie – Push up

This is my favourite lip product at the moment, I’m not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks as I have rather dry lips anyway but the formulation of this is sort of like a moose than a matte but it lasts for hours with not touch ups needed even when food and drink comes into play it’s still pretty flawless! I have another one of the NYX Lingeries in embellishment and once again I absolutely love it but that one is a little harder to rock day to day, the colours in this collection are all so complicated to explain because they’re all statement colours without being bright or bold I would highly recommend you check them out yourself! NYX lipsticks in general are a favourite of mine.

Skin Care 

Like I said before my skin has not been loving me recently and has been so irritated and not really ideal my skin also changes it’s mind all the time, it’ll love a product for a few weeks or months and then suddenly it’ll react horribly to it and I have no idea why! I have dry, spot prone sensitive skin so finding a product that work (and that is affordable!) is normally quite difficult!!

  • Bioré – charcoal pore strips 

These maybe the best things ever created if you’re anything like me you’ll find nothing more satisfying than clearing your pores with all the disgusting gunk and blackheads! Well this works an absolute dream, they are quite pricey for what they are but I have tried so many different brands before and they’re no where near as affective as these are! If you have a real problem with blackheads like I do I would suggest investing in them. (pro tip sometimes Superdrug have them for half price so keep an eye out and stock up when you can!)

  • Bioré – Deep pore charcoal cleanser 

To go with the pore strips I also have the clesnser I do find that this is quite harsh to my skin sometimes so I only use it once a week (twice if I’m feeling extra gross) To give myself a deep cleanse! This does pull everything out of your skin so that does mean you will get white heads pop up but that means it’s working it’s bringing everything to the surface so don’t freak out if you break out at first it does die down!

  • Simple – triple action face wash 

This is what I use most days when I’m not using the Bioré one! This is very soothing to the skin and is perfect for sensitive skin, the chamomile is perfect for brightening up the skin and it does target any spots or imperfections lightly but affectively.

Hair Products

As I’ve been growing out my hair it has become so heavy and it’s struggling to hold my natural wave but I’ve recently found three staple products that keep my hair voluminous and enhances my natural waves.

  • John Frieda – Frizz Ease Air Dry Waves 

I am a big fan of John Frieda products they’re perfect for keeping the frizz away and enhancing a natural curl! This product is like a foam consistency I tend to squirt about 5 pumps into my hand and ruffle it through my towel dried (slightly damp) hair mostly concentrating on the roots as that’s where the volume tends to lack and then blow dry it upside down and when I flip my head and hair up it’s got such a good shape to it and defines my curls so naturally!

  • John Frieda – Frezz Ease Miraculous Recovery 

This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous product I tend to put this on after on dry hair to smooth it out and make it look as healthy as possible! I have  naturally rather dry hair so doesn’t look healthy a lot of the time but this gives it such a nice shine without it looking greasy!

  • Aussie – Miracle Beach Waves sea salt spray 

This product is absolutely incredible! I’m constantly on the hunt for a good sea salt spray that doesn’t make my hair look greasy or crispy and this is perfect it’s created waves so naturally and does make it look like you’ve just been chilling on a beach all day and also smells incredible! Aussie again is another company that I absolutely adore and have for years!

There we go that’s all my favourite from this month I hope this helps anyone looking for some beauty staples! My next blog post should be up on Saturday night I’m making it my mission now to blog twice a week once on a Saturday and once on a Wednesday now and this will start next week! Hope you all have a lovely week

Liberty ✨


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