Tattoos, my experience and tips.

Tattoos are quite controversial you either love them or you hate them, i think they all tell a story they help you discover who you are and in my experience have made me so much more confident, when I got my first tattoo I didn’t know much about them I just knew what I wanted and that I wanted them so I thought today I would try be a helping hand to anyone on the fence about getting a tattoo! 

Disclaimer I am not a professional this is just my personal opinion on what has worked for me and just some friendly tips and information for anyone questioning getting a tattoo and wants help πŸ™‚ 

Why did I get tattoos? 

I have always seemed to get a new tattoo at points in my life when I’ve felt a little lost and almost lacking myself and forgetting who I am, we all have days, weeks or even months of struggling where nothing seems to fit into place and you just want to crumble. My tattoos are to me my personal sign of strength and are my daily reminders to keep pushing forward! 

When did I decide to get my first tattoo?

I got my first tattoo three days after my 18th birthday, as crazy as that sounds I did actually decide that I wanted that tattoo when I was at school around the age of 15-16 and was so in love with it ever since. 

Why do you have them and what are their meanings?

(Side note i honestly don’t believe that every tattoo needs a spasifc meaning in order for you to get it, if you love something enough then that’s your reason it’s your body do whatever makes you happy!) 

  • Mickey Mouse 
    This was just after the tattoo was done so it’s very dark and risen in this picture

The main reason why I wanted to get my Mickey Mouse is because Disney is such a big part of my life and childhood when I was younger (and to this day) i constantly was watching Disney movies or singing the songs even my grandma was Mickey Mouse plastered everywhere in her house! I decided on Mickey Mouse on my wrist when I was around 16 because sadly as some teens do I was dignosed with depression and felt incredibly alone throughout my last year or two of school and found it very hard to really feel happy or myself until I started watching Disney again and my love for Disney rekindled and my mind was overflown with happy memories and gradually I started getting happier and happier (with help from others and professionals too) Disney was such a life saver for me and I’ve been grateful for it everyday since. 

  • Bouquet of Flowers
    Taken on the same day as that tattoo was done but as the lines are so fine it’s the exact same now

I got my flowers on my right ankle because flowers are another thing that bring me such joy. I got this tattoo after going through an incredibly hard breakup with someone who I loved very dearly and I had also just finished my college course meaning I had also lost a lot of friends at this point to, I am not a great lover of change and it had felt like my whole life had been turned upside down and everything I knew, loved and was comfortable with had gone and I had no idea what to do. My flowers have no deep meaningful reason apart from it’s something that makes me very happy and shows my strength that no matter what happens I’ll still grow. 

  • Paper Airplane 
    Excuse the bra imprint!

This is my most recent tattoo and he reason why I wanted to write this blog post in the first place! I got this tattoo on Tuesday 31st of January 2017 on my right rib cage just below were a bra band sits. This month has been incredibly challenging for me in so many ways and once again my life (after just getting back to normal) has been turned upside down again and I felt like I had quite honestly reached my breaking point I wanted to get this tattoo to show that “no matter how hard the wind try’s to blow me down it’ll only make me stronger and encourage me to fly higher.”

Pain, price and how long did they take?


My Mickey surprisingly didn’t really hurt to me at all the only time I felt it was on the right ear as it’s right next to the bone but it was completely fine and was over pretty quickly.

Pain: 2.5/10 

Price: was between Β£80-Β£100 i annoyingly can’t remember fully as it was nearly two years ago! Sorry 😦 

Time took: about 50 minutes to an hour 

I did have to get my Mickey redone a few months later as because it’s so close to the hand where I had to move it a lot when it was healing it faded on the right hand side of it, getting it redone was a worse pain wise as it’s pretty much a tattoo over a scar but it wasn’t anything drastic and just felt like tight pinching
Pain: 6/10 

Price: free as it was just to get it touched up

Time took: about 40-50 minutes


Once again I didn’t feel like flowers being done they are very fine lined so that probably helps painwise, I got this tattoo from another tattooist quite far from me but I found her work on Instagram and absolutely loved it! (If anyone wants her Instagram I’ll link it in a comment) I definitely want to go back to her for my next tattoo I wanted her for my last one but she has got a big waiting list and is quite expensive but it is worth it I’m just impatient. 

Pain: 2/10 

Price: Β£100 (Β£20 deposit so Β£80 on the day)

Time taken: 10-15 minutes 

I got this tattoo but the same artist that did my mickey (once again I will leave a link to his Instagram if anyone wants and requests it) and even though I already had two tattoos and knew neither of them hurt I was extremely nervous for this one anyone I told who had a rib tattoo before told me that it would hurt and it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience and I can say they weren’t wrong! It was a very different pain to when I got my wrist redone and it felt like a deep stretching which made it feel very uncomfortable but it wouldn’t put me off getting another and it is so worth it in the end because I absolutely love it and the pain doesn’t last forever! 

Pain: 7.5 (maybe even an 8) / 10

Price: Β£40 

Time took: 8-10 minutes give or take? 

Healing and how to clean

Everyone’s healing process is different and always depends on the size, colour and shading used in thepiece they normally take up to around 2 weeks or so to fully heal. 

To clean what you will need

  1. Cotton buds
  2. Water
  3. Tissue 
  4. Bepanthem 

When you get home from getting your tattoo make sure you leave the cling film  or tattoo sleeve (whatever your tattooist uses to cover it) on for around two hours. When the times up fill your sink with lukewarm water, pop a cotton bud in the water and gently roll it over your tattoo and anywhere around it where ink may smudge! Make sure you keep changing cotton buds when they start to look a bit gross and dirty just to keep it hygienic. When you’ve completely covered your tattoo carefully blot it with some tissue to try it no not rib it just blot or it might irritate it and that won’t be fun for you or the tattoo! When it’s dry put a light layer of bepanthen on it, if you don’t know bepanthen is actually a nappy rash cream but it is the best thing for healing tattoos and most tattooist do recommend it! Keep repeating this cleaning process every 3-4 hours for the first couple of days and when you really start noticing that the peeling process is almost over you can switch to using the bepanthem to once in the morning and once at night. Try not to put cling film on it as the tattoo will need air in order to heal. 

My tattoo tips for newbies!

Another side note this is just things that I have experienced and think it might help once again I am not a professional and I am still learning these are just some things I have learnt while going through the tattoo process πŸ™‚ 

  1. If you’re considering getting a tattoo make sure you do your research! Find a tattooist that suits your style
  2. Be open to traveling for a spastic tattooist don’t just go to a tattooist because they’re 20 minutes down the road and they’re cheap, tattoos are an investment they are on your body for the rest of your life make sure you go to someone you think will do the best job! 
  3. If you know someone getting a tattoo before you are go with them! Sometimes watching a tattoo helps it can either put you off or make you want it more but then you’ll know if you’re ready to get one.
  4. If you don’t know someone getting one then watch some YouTube videos on tattoos being done or peoples experience to get a rough idea on what you’re getting into
  5. All tattoos will peel don’t be scared when it happens! I freaked out when my first one started to peel I thought it was coming off but it’s natural and DO NOT PEEL IT OFF YOURSELF! It will cause fading!! 
  6. Don’t be afraid to talk to different tattooists and ask them questions it’s their job! Maybe get a list of portentous tattooists you like and email then with your tattoo idea and ask if they can give you a price and if they can draw something up, this way you can compare and see which style you prefer! 
  7. Take your time deciding on what you want! Just because you’re of age to get one doesn’t mean you need to get one straight away! You’ve hot your whole life ahead of you so take your time!

This is probably one of the longest blogs I’ll be writing and well done to anyone who actually made it to the end you get a brownie point from me! I hope this is useful to some of you and if you do have any other questions or I’ve missed anything out feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible!:) thank you so much for reading and a new blog post will be up on Monday! 

Thanks for reading!:)



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