Let’s get to know eachother.

I guess i should start with saying hello so…

Hello my name is Liberty and here is me just gracefully stumbling through life like the rest of us. A very good friend of mine has given me the courage to get myself out in the web-world and start my very own blog so i guess here we go?!

why am i doing this?

Back when i was sixteen years old i started a blog and i absoloutly loved it, it was my space to talk about whatever i wanted and feel free to be who i was after a while life got in the way and i struggled to find time to post anything to gradually it faded to a distant memory. Now that im older and hopefully a lot wiser i wanted to go back to my roots and make a fresh start, i’ve had a lot of things happen in my life that i feel i could share advice on and possibly help anybody struggling in the same situation.

What type of things am i thinking of writing about?

I want this blog to be like a help line to anybody who is searching for one, i want to be there for anyone crying over a boy or feeling like they are not good enough. I have personally experienced a lot of that the past few years and want to show you how you will get through it and you’ll be so strong after. I want to talk about the keys to being happy, doing what you love and excepting yourself for who you are and loving that person no matter what. I want to be able to get people out of their comfort zones and say yes to adventure and no to anxieties! But as well as hopefully being a big sister or an agaty aunt to some of you i also want to be able to write about my loves and passions, i want to talk about performing, singing and acting, beauty to lifestyle, diets, tattoos, anything and everything! I want this to be a space to come and write whatever i’m feeling or thinking and hopefully anyone reading will want to join my roller coaster of a life.

this is just a tiny intro just so you’ll have a rough idea of what to expect from me, im hoping to blog at least once maybe twice a week so please keep updated if you’re intrested in any of the nonsence i have to say.

Liberty Evelyn x



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